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Italy is a wonderful land, from the valleys of Trentino, through the hills of Tuscany , arriving in Campania to Sicily, each region is a treasure trove of unique and inimitable products , considered true treasures. Supporting small companies that with respect for the land and love for their work cultivate unique products is a beautiful commitment for us at NaSlice.

Our products are carefully selected with extraordinary partners who, by following the cycle of the seasons and respecting the crops, prove that doing their work well can only bring good things.

Punzo Oil Extra Vergin Oil

Mozzarella Orchidea

Pomodori SanMarzano
Italiana Vera

Pasta Oro di Gragnano

Superior Category oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical processes. Oil extracted in Italy from Italian olives
Punzo Extra Virgin Olive Oil is obtained from the milling of olives grown on Vesuvius and Mount Somma of different varieties, and the oil obtained has a bright, golden color.
Latticini Orchidea is a leading manufacturer of cow's and buffalo milk dairy products with a special focus on the pizzeria sector. The brand has always been considered synonymous with absolute excellence in the dairy sector. The company has always been a partner of the Maestri Pizzaiuoli and is a sponsor of the Associazione Pizzaiuoli Napoletani and the Napoli Pizza Village.
Italianavera tells a story, narrates a territory and its products. Through flavors and scents of yesteryear, these fruits of the earth take us back to the simplicity of ritual gestures derived from very ancient traditions.Being Italian is a culture, a way of life, it is a desire to tell the simplicity of an everyday life made of good things and fantasy. Fantasy to eat. Italian style, Italianavera.
Simple ingredients, the result of the selection of the best raw materials and an artisanal process, slow and painstaking in every detail.Unmistakable roughness of the bronze die.Slow drying at low temperatures gives the fragrance reminiscent of ripe wheat.Flavor of Gragnano pasta is known worldwide.